10kInfo, employs data science techniques to compile and analyze data from governments around the world verified and extended using other sources. We have brought together deep expertise in statistics, computer science and international finance to create an econometric model covering businesses around the world over the last 3 decades. Our financial sites present different subsets from this model which we have Indexed, correlated and cross referenced.Our model includes hyper local information about private businesses, which we present in our websites. In our Social media site, user share discoveries they are excited about. We learn what products are trending, and the preferences of specific demographics.

Innovation is at the heart of our products. We believe in empowering customers and consumers with cutting edge techno-marketing products that combine the latest technology with consumer research.Each of our products are geared towards providing specific solutions to specific requirements of our customers.


If you are making an investment decision and would like to have a quick look at the company disclosure, then FilingSearch is the right place. FilingSearch gives simple and quick navigation through the SEC filings. The site is refreshed every minute in order to give its users the right insight. It offers its users a get alert option, where notification of the filings is sent to them the minute they are being filed. So,register to be alerted realtime as soon as a company you are interested in files a form with the SEC.


Our Culture

Everyone at 10kInfo Data Solutions knows what they are being counted on to contribute. Each person at each level, knows not only what they are responsible for, but what to do to exceed that, to earn a bonus.

Our Mission

Our mission is financial transparency world wide. Decade after decade, money pours into Wall Street. Risks are taken with hopes for high returns. It's no secret that there are more big losers than big winners.The big winners frequently know something the rest do not.
10kinfo helps you find the something these winners know. We give our subscribers tools to take the information gathered by SEC and present it to them in easily accessible formats.