We are a fast growing privately held, privately funded US corporation.

Our staff are pioneering powerful, innovative twenty first century data solutions, for global market.

Through partnerships with local companies, as well as with companies around the world, we are working to publicize businesses and their products to all the people who might want to buy from them.


If you are making an investment decision and would like to have a quick look at the company disclosure, then FilingSearch is the right place. FilingSearch gives simple and quick navigation through the SEC filings.

The site is refreshed every minute in order to give its users the right insight. It offers its users a get alert option, where notification of the filings is sent to them the minute they are being filed.


DreamStream, a visual platform enabling users to view, follow and share their interests globally.

It gives its users a unique experience of bookmarking and explore a huge collection of ideas all over the world.
DreamStream also helps you build your business, where you can share the images of your products and the users have an option to buy them.

DreamStream has no restriction with regards to categories of ideas. You can find ideas on how to build a house to what to gift your mom on her birthday.

10kInfo Data Solutions culture

Everyone at 10kInfo Data Solutions knows what they are being counted on to contribute. Each person at each level, knows not only what they are responsible for, but what to do to exceed that, to earn a bonus.